Medical Escort Service Jamaica

Medical escort services to and from Jamaica.

EMed is equiped with a FAA approved O2 concentrator by Inogen. The Inogen oxygen system is used for all patients requiring O2 during ground ambulance and transfers to commerical airliners. Having access to this FAA approved oxygen concentrator allows our paitents faster medical escort experience than having to wait days to arrange one to be available from the airline. Call us today 876-312-1119 for an medical escort to and from Jamaica, EMed is here and we offer both air ambulance and elective surgery services..

  • Cost Effective

  • When medically permissible a medical escort is a cost effective to an air ambulance flight. However a doctor must clear you fit to fly.
  • Critical Care Nurses

  • Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and various experiences like ER, ICU, and trauma centers from across the united states.
  • Bedside-to-Bedside

  • EMed handles scheduling, ticketing, ground ambulance transportation and coordination from sending and receiving facilities.
Medical Escort Jamaica Air Ambulance EMed using Inogen

Difference between Medical Escort and an Air Ambulance Service.

When allowed by a medical doctor a medical escort is a cost effecient alternative to an air ambulance in Jamaica. Weather you need an escort for after a surgery, an accident or a suddent illness EMed can provide escort to anywhere in the world.

EMed has partnered with highly trained and experienced critical care nurses, physician, paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Our escort medical team comes from different backgrounds and different emergency experiences including emergency departments, ICU, fixed-wing and helicopter transportation companies. EMed, is registered by the JCAA and FAA and all medical personnel are fully licensed.

EMed Jamaica, has always provided complete bedside-to-bedside service including medical evaluation, commercial airline clearance, scheduling, ticketing, ground transportation and coordination between sending and receiving hospitals and medical facilities.

EMed Jamaica has superior services in Jamaica and the Caribbean that assure you or your family member will receive the highest level of attention and detail. EMed Jamaica has extensive experience in air ambulance and ground ambulance transportation assuring our patients a comfortable, safe, worry free travel.

If you are unable to walk or are totally immobile needing lifting assistance EMed provides a great cost effective alternative to air ambulance transportation for patients with the most excellent service in all of the Caribbean.

Providing excellent medical escort services in Jamaica

EMed will help you or your loved one get the medical escort services, air ambulance services or ground transportation from bedside to bedside. Simply call us 876-312-1119 for fast medical service in jamaica