Ground Ambulance in Jamaica

Ground Ambulance Service in Jamaica

Ground Ambulance to Air Ambulance Transfers EMed owns and operates its emergency services and will arrange your ground ambulance to air ambulance and notify family members, health care providers, and hospitals local and abroad. EMed provides "bedside to bedside" services and EMed arranges ground ambulance, and specialized emergency medical care. For fast, private service call 876-275-1119

  • Ground Ambulance Equipment

  • We have 3 fully equipped emergency ground ambulances ready and waiting to respond to your emergency. Being a private company we are able to respond faster and provide better services.
  • Ground Ambulance Crew

  • Our ambulance crews are fully certified and trained emergency medical technicians which have a minimum of 2-5 years of field experience. Our EMTs are re-certified by US instructors.
  • Ground Ambulance Service Area

  • EMed can service your emergency anywhere in Jamaica just to mention a few cities: Montego Bay (Mobay), Kingston, Ocho Rios, Negril, Faulmoth, Trelawney and St. Ann.

Benefits of EMed Ground Ambulance

  • Highly trained emergency medical technician
  • Nursing care can be initiated during transport
  • Specialized equipment is provided
  • Team consists of a Critical Care Nurses and EMTs
  • Fully staffed 24 hours a day

EMed Medical Credentials

  • Minimum 2 years critical care experience
  • BLS/ACLS certification
  • Critical care emergency transport program

EMed Ground Services

  • Advanced Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • 02 Monitoring
  • CPR Certification / Re-Certification Training
  • Special Event Medical Stand-By Services


EMED is the Standard for Emergency Ground Ambulance Care.

While nobody likes the thought of needing emergency care, when a medical crisis strikes, time is of the essence. Regardless of the problem, whether it is an injury from a motor vehicle accident, a sudden cardiac event or complications from a chronic condition, seconds count. This is why fast, safe transport to a hospital in a private Jamaica ground ambulance saves lives. At EMED, we are committed to delivering fast, safe and efficient Jamaica ambulance services to residents and visitors alike throughout the island.

How Patients Travel in an Emergency Matters

In Jamaica, everyone has the option of calling for a public ambulance, however, in an emergency, this service may not be available. In most parishes, the demand for public ambulance service far outweighs the capacity of the service, meaning that wait times frequently average between one to three hours or greater. Tourists visiting our beautiful island of Jamaica do not understand that the medical services that are offered by the public sector are nothing like the public services they get back in their home country.

There are also many areas that do not have public patient transport available, lending to the very dangerous practice of taking the ill and injured to the hospital in the back of a privately-owned truck. Unfortunately, many private vehicles rushing to the Casualty Department end up causing an accident en route, leaving the patient with even more severe injuries or worse yet, resulting in fatalities.


Medical experts agree that the safest way to transport a patient to a hospital is in a well-maintained, proper ambulance that arrives quickly and is operated in a safe, efficient manner. EMED Ground Ambulance provides rapid response to every call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the location of the patient, our private Jamaica ambulance can usually arrive in less than 20 minutes, dramatically reducing the time it takes to obtain public emergency medical care.


Medical Care Starts When EMED Arrives


Our ambulance service is fully staffed by Registered Nurses and Critical Care Paramedics, meaning that our patients start receiving medical attention as soon as possible. Upon arriving, a complete per-trip medical assessment is performed with strict adherence to internationally-recognized Basic Life Saving protocols. This prompt per-hospital care is one of the major advantages of using EMED Ground Ambulance; rather than wasting precious time in transport using a private vehicle or waiting for a public ambulance, our team of nurses and paramedics will deliver immediate assistance while en-route to the Casualty Department. Every one of our patients receives one-on-one care, allowing our medical team to prepare a comprehensive report for the receiving hospital to help ensure prompt treatment.

EMED is the Jamaica Ambulance Experts

The EMED Jamaica Ground Ambulance service has been developed in consultation with emergency physicians, ensuring we exceed the highest standards of care for our patients. Building on our proven track record of delivering exceptional air ambulance services throughout the Caribbean, our life-saving services offer Jamaicans and travelers the fastest, safest way to obtain emergency medical response on the island.

When a medical emergency strikes, seconds count. To learn more about EMED’s Jamaica Ambulance services, contact EMED Ground Ambulance: 876-275-1119.


Powerful Mobile Medical Technology

When you call EMed Jamaica Ground Ambulance Service you are given the opportunity to enroll in our Personal Health Record System. We also will do a iphone scan ECG/EKG with our mobile device.